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IASI L1C/L2 Eumetsat data in BUFR format are stored on the CICLAD/IPSL cluster since October 2007 till present. The L2 data include the following variables:temperature (surface and vertical profile), pressure (surface and vertical profile), cloud coverage.

How to access these data?

IASI/Metop-A IASI/Metop-B IASI/Metop-C
L1C  /bdd/IASI/L1C /bdd/metopb/l1c/iasi /bdd/metopc/l1c/iasi
L2 /bdd/IASI/L2 /bdd/metopb/l2/iasi /bdd/metopc/l2/iasi

The data can be read/extracted using the OBR tool available here: /bdd/IASI/OBR/obr. A User’s Guide is available here (in French only).

How to read these data?

For more information on these data, please contact us via the contact form.